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one theory for all tragedy

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.about this is personal live journal from fatal_complexes
In my journal, I posting what I want and I'll write what I want, so if you want to know me just add my journal and if you won't to know me or just bothering me, stay away from my journal, simple isn't it?

.fandom music too much to say, but the FACT is that I LOVE DIR EN GREY
and addict to them XD so much word to describe how their music so affected me and my life, coz they have something different in their music, I love how each member expression their song and music.

.I'm Indonesian and muslim! Be proud of that XD
.Black hair, had bleaching her hair until blonde but then it turns black again. Using glasses when in front of computer lol (I can't blame my self to be spend much times with my lovely computer)
.Hate grammar, but trying to learn it. Never want to leave native language.
.Ride motorbike, and yes it so lovely when high-speedly 8D My mom always warning me about it (She's a cop).
.listening music and browsing can't be seperated from my life.
.Like various music, from traditional till metal XD Dir en Grey is the best band in my life, I'm feel addicted to this band. you know, I love What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong till the end *O*
.owner from blacklaboratory and xsakitjiwax.
.my OTP, DiexKaoru (Dir en Grey) till the end! it called obsession *maybe* and wiling to manipulated their pics as much as I cant! XD
.wanna be a friend? Leave your comment at friends-only post, then I'll added you back.

.blacklaboratory is a graphic community. The purpose is to posting icons, banner, wallpapers, etc. for Jrocks stuff that I'd made. I'm the only moderator and maintenance for this community.

.See the user info for more details
.join or be affiliate.

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.xsakitjiwax is my new community. This community for throwing my brushes, textures, tutorial or maybe my Fan Art. Why? because my personal journal is friends-only, so I need more 'thrash' lol

.The word taken from Indonesia, my native language "Sakit Jiwa" and it have mean "insane" or "crazy" in English. Love the words, isn't it? 8D

.See the user info for more details.
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.my sites
.Groesquedeath13 at multiply
.Diexkaoru Lovers at multiply
.fatal_complexes at Livejournal
.Blacklaboratory. Community for Jrock's Graphics only.
.xsakitjiwax, Community for brushes, textures, tutorial and fan art.
.13_clockworks for my writing journal
.fatal-complexes at Deviantart.
.Grotesquedeath13 at Myspace
.mad-slaughter at Last.fm

.Layout profile by. papersugar
.Layout by. j_k_icons
.All Banner made by. fatal_complexes or blacklaboratory.

.My manip-pics Die and Kaoru: part I.

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